“Perspective is amazing!  It’s always interesting to see how a little bump in the road changes it…changes the view from where we thought we were going. I’m always taken back when something happens that shocks me and where I thought I was-it’s like an internal check-up.  You’d think by now I wouldn’t be (shocked).  But here I am again, humbled, remembering that what you think you “have” can be taken away so quickly.  Every part of life is a gift…everything that happens, good or bad, will shape and mold us.  And when all is gone, what will we have?  If life is all a bunch of physical-there will be nothing left. I for one, had the stick thrown in my hamster wheel of life (again) and I’m not pulling it out and getting back on again. (If I do, you have my permission to break it.) I’m going to get off my “wheel” and start walking for real…holding the hands of the ones who I want to walk this life with-my loved ones. I’m going to be beside them to carry them when they get weak and pick them up when they fall, protect them when they’re attacked, and love them no matter what.”

#Soapbox #climbingmymountains #caralynae  #trials #pain

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