Lives Apart

My days were warm and sun shone down
On the woman I’d become
My life complete and love my creed
I searched no more for you
Then on a day with defense down
You strolled into my world.

You are, you are, my love…

So much noise all around
But next to you, your voice,
All fades away to silence.
The one you are and were
You were meant to be
With me. Right here. Right now .

Although the distance between
The lives we now lead
Spinning hearts round with time
Seems an eternity apart
Somehow I still feel you
With me. Right here. Right now.

And when the days are rough
When I’m missing your touch
And all the noise fills my ears
I will close my eyes
And imagine you’re here
With me. right here. Right now.

Because you are, you are my love…