It’s the little things in life and maybe the things that I’ve gone through that even when I’m having a tough time in some areas I’m still more happy than I can possibly believe and I’m content to live for the here and now. I’ve had a lot of customers at my insurance job lately who have told me they feel like I will be doing great things with my life and give me so much positive feedback about me going back to school. Several times I’ve been told they can see that I’m not one of those that are just satisfied staying in the same place all my life (which I’ve been told by numerous people in my past is a bad thing) but I appreciate the insight of these people who reminded me that it is good to want to grow continually and to be something bigger… Not all of us are or will be like that but it is necessary for some of us to be those type of people and I have learned to embrace this about myself. I am no longer afraid of change and of finding something more difficult in life that others may not pursue but I have to have a constant mind set to want to pursue that because it is not an easy path in life when you choose to be extraordinary!
Just my little thought for the day! Happy Valentines Day to all! 🙂

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