beautiful like you

Below is a raw little thing I wrote today regarding something I wrote earlier today that sounded too real and alive and I threw it away.  I will probably wake up tomorrow and feel vulnerable about posting this, thus deleting it, but for now, here you are.

I wrote a song for you today

Called it Beautiful, like you

So perfect, it seemed cliche

Crumpled up and tossed aside

Words that were simply put

Yet so full of truth and depth

And awkward

Like a young child learning

So full of hope

And dreams that don’t come true

Going to close my eyes

And rewind time in my dreams

As I wake, I’ll fill myself up

With all I can

To forget these things

Don’t want to know

Nor try to understand

I am stone cold

Lock it all away

I’m a trained heart-warrior

But don’t want to forget

You’re one in a million

You are you

Listening to one of my favorite artists, Elliot Minor (from the UK):

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