My Girl

Sometimes at night

When all is quiet and calm

I sit alone in the dark

And I wonder about you

You whose beauty fills your face

Your painful eyes so pretty

Your smile so young

Do you know your place?

I want to hold you

And tell you it’s alright

Your life, it hurts I bet

You put up quite a fight

I barely know you

Just by name

By pictures vague

What they write in vain

But I know you’re mine

And I’ll fight too you know

Your soul is beautiful

And I love you so

Your heart is young

And much too broken

Come here and find

He’s already spoken

He’s watching you

Protecting and all knowing

He’s loving you

Watching you growing

Guiding and showing

Us your spirit

To cherish and call you

Our child-my little girl.

I wrote this the other night as we wait for the process to move forward on foster-adopting a teenage girl.  A teenage girl who seems to have been written off by the “system” and labeled as a “problem child.” If you know me, you would know that this sort of thing is a pet peeve of mine.  All I my life I grew up labeled: “Missionary kid” or “rebel”.

It sucks to be predestined to act a certain way or be someone you’re “expected” to be instead of being loved for who you are, the good and the bad.  This girl is so beautiful and you can see that pain and beauty and depth in her young eyes and I just want to hug her and cry with her as I’m so sad and hurt that she has gone through everything she has.  When kids act out, it is often because of the trauma they’ve had or hurt they’ve experienced and many times they aren’t rebelling against authority, they’re rebelling out of a lack of relationship. (We talked about this in our “Life group” through church yesterday.)

I am okay with problems.  Perfection scares me, to be honest, as I am anything but perfect.  Life is tough and we have a firm foundation, thankfully.  The winds that blow us will not uproot us.  And as a song says, “we might bend but we won’t break.”

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