love is…

Candy to a child

Flowers for no reason

Being your best for the other person

Being able to let them help you at your worst

Quality time

A kiss any (all) the time just because


Longing for each other when apart

Being able to be apart

Giving up what you want for the other (without begrudging it)


A quiet hug when there are no words


That knowing gaze into one’s eyes

Serving each other

An electric shock to your heart

The ability to persevere 

Verbal affirmation

Losing track of time when with each other

Taking care of yourself


Never ending

Snuggling by the fireplace



Fighting a battle you may lose

Standing up for the other

Watching sports when you don’t understand it

Always good

Having to take a place on a backburner 

Always trusting


Taking an interest in the other’s interests

Kind and gentle

Encouraging and supportive

Love is …Beautiful 

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