It’s Complicated 4 you

You are a chasm of life

Lurking thoughts beneath your surface

Not saying what you want to

Because you don’t think anyone could understand

It’s complicated
There’s a dark void of space

Behind those soft and penetrating eyes

Blackness carefully hidden

But a light that you chase after endlessly

It’s so complicated
Someday you know you’ll meet someone capable of touching those waters

She’ll sink in and drown in your depths

You’re convinced

Because no one could swim in your currents

You’re hiding underneath crystal clear surface
You’re magical and enigmatic

With arms wide open

But when love comes you’ll fold

Because no one could understand you

It’s complicated
You’ll watch her slink away

Climbing to another peak so high

Wishing she came back to explore

Your cracked surfaces once more 

But you know

It’s complicated for you

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