How do you take something back

This is what I have asked myself over and over after so many hurtful words and so much pain. There is no comprehension other than Satan had a foothold and it needed to be broken. Every second I’m bombarded with questions in my mind about why I wasn’t good enough, how can I hold on to something, how can I let it go, and what is right or wrong? Sometimes I feel like I don’t know and I just give up. Complacency is bad but humility is good so where is the balance. I have been praying and searching for the true answer. God says to let Him win the battle but he also talks about standing up for what you believe. It’s so confusing. What’s hurtful is knowing someone may read this and not do anything to change their situation, which is why I stopped writing for awhile last month. Don’t use what I say against me if you can’t use it for good to learn. I am done with the past and though Satan will continue to mock me thru others and try to get his foothold back, I know I am forgiven by the only one who matters eternally. No, not by those on this earth evident through actions, but it is enough. I will let Him be enough in my weakness. I will continue to fail and I will continue to fight for what I believe is right and I may lose the battle but in the end, God already won my war so I need to be faithful to Him. Whatever choices He brings along, and no matter which I choose to follow, I will surrender my life to Him…

My heart in pieces is again made whole.

God give me your grace every minute of every hour to walk humbly and meekly in your love.

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