When a person breaks

Sometimes maybe there aren’t enough words to describe,

There aren’t actions that could be considered right or understandable

When a person just breaks

There aren’t ways to undo the choices, the actions…

Hurt that can’t be changed-can’t be patched or sewed up

Sometimes we just bleed out all that we are

Our natural instinct is to do the thing we think that is best

to protect the ones or our heart in the way we think we can

But that’s just it

Sometimes God asks us to do something unordinary

That most people might think is crazy

To either break the normal and yield unfathomable love

Or to teach us that when we don’t trust, we miss out

Either way, it takes two to make a decision together

Together two are better than one and with God it’s unbreakable

But sometimes, God gives us the courage to let it go

To break our will and give up to show the other they are first

So when I fall apart, it’s not because I’m weak

It’s because letting you go means you mean more

It means He’s giving me the strength to let you go

No matter how much I love you or miss you.

No matter how the pain has affected me permanently,

I have no more fight left in me-I’m broken.


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