I feel so human and small sometimes. All my pride is gone. My outward beauty has faded with tear stained cheeks. God lives in me and He is my glue holding me together. He promises good and a hope without showing what it is now that we strayed our own ways. So I will take each day one small step by one small step, knowing there will be days I will hurt or fall. 

But I feel like our love endured so much pain-like lighting it on fire. Now it’s cauterized…numb. I will learn from this. Yet I wonder, can two separate people find that spark again when we’ve both changed so much and now there’s so much more hurt and sadness?

I’m cauterized and emotionless…I love but it’s so numb because I hurt so badly. Don’t know how to come back from all of this. I feel weak but I am strong…will take one step at a time…moving forward with life.

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