Balancing a tight rope

No one ever climbs a mountain with the intention of falling off unless they have a death wish. Much the same, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t go into a marriage if we thought there was any chance of it not working out. So much is lost in love and war-in the conflict between flesh and spirit. We make our vows before God to cherish and love the other person in sickness and in health, for better or worse, for richer or poorer (I mean c’mon guys…), till death do us part and then what do we do? Throw lame excuses at why it should happen or why it happened. Are we failures? Yes-yes we are. People try to make you feel good and say we’re not but giving up is never winning in a marriage-ever. When one climbs a mountain,  you are partners and that can’t change. One can’t just quit and climb down on their own and leave the other stranded persay. But if one falls or gives up, the other person is there to help them to safety-to literally hold their weight and catch them when they fall. 

I love the analogies I had for climbing because they’re so spot on with God as the anchor and the rope as the marriage. Kids watch the method and learn too. Sometimes they veer away and go climbing alone-fall down and they learn that they need help when climbing and navigating life’s difficulties.

Right now I feel like I have fallen and was drowning in a vast ocean. I was able to pull myself to safety and now I’m on a tightrope that I am just partly hanging on to. Balancing is barely an option as I’ve been plummeted from what was to certain doom and now hope if I could just learn to get on the rope and walk. That balance though…how is that possible? 

I haven’t figured this out. The other options seem like drowning (doom) or trying to swim away towards solid shore (running away), which seems like a valid idea if I had the energy to do so. 

My reality is, At any moment, the one who owns the rope could cut it and force me to swim (or drown). My control is lost and I am at a loss. HE is in complete control of this life….

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