I’m actually in a moment where I can not put anything into words. I feel like I’ve been a horrible person…not the person I am inside and I tried to explain that certain beliefs and expectations and hurts I had made me that way. But it doesn’t matter. Who we are inside and who we will become matters. I know God has a bright future for me because I do believe Him where he says that in Jeremiah. Maybe I will walk this road alone, reconcile, or be with someone else, but I know my joy is in Him and because I’m letting Him take this one…I’m taking all hands off…whatever the outcome, He already knows. There is nothing I can say or do that will change what He already knows. There is no point in worrying about it. Do I feel doomed? Haha, yep….but darkness is a season and the trials only last for a brief moment in the scheme of eternity. My audience is One and He is my Eternity. He gives me hope that He can fix things but only He can. Cara…Cara…. “God so loved you-He gave his only Son to take the sting out of separation from Himself. He gave him for you to be with Him.” I may be sad but in Christ, all things are possible.

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