Making sense 

Life I had determined is a web of communications and miscommunications…at least any more. The “old days” were people courting and seeing each other face to face without distractions of others through social media-or exes popping up. People moved forward. Now it seems like people move forward then backward or sideways. So much happens (some good) because of texting or Facebook, or dating sites. Even phone calls on cell phones happened more than half my lifetime ago. It’s sad to take a look at how relationships fail or never even start all because of miscommunicating. Why is it so hard to commit emotionally to someone? It’s like there is too much fear now because of all the means we’ve given ourselves to find someone else.

I’m hurt. And my pain is simmering. I don’t know what the future holds anymore. I am convinced I’m meant to live my life alone and I’ve resigned to this…God is enough. The thought of moving on from being alone and finding anything more again is not appealing. Perhaps someday…only He knows.

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