Every day is passing

Just another blink of an eye

Clouds ahead, thunder rolling

The ants tell me rain is coming

Close my eyes, take a breath

Preparing for the storm

Velocity rising

Pain seering deeper 

As ecstasy approaches

My mind is racing

Heart is pounding

The swords clashing

Lightning flashing

As the heavens shake loudly

Warring over my fate

The battle is cleansing

For my defenses ready

Walls are high

Like the fortress concealing

My heart already shattered

Pieced together healing

Will we jump into our life

Or hold back until it’s too late?

Only the quickening

Of the clock will reveal.

Pause, breathe, and continue on (5 things to stop doing in your relationships)

It’s been awhile since I was moved to write. I guess I’ve been contemplating a lot lately. Sometimes fear of someone taking what I write and being misled by their interpretation of it scares me away from writing what I’m … Continue reading