Hi! My name is Cara! (=

Thank you for stopping by to check out my humble little website. This particular blog of mine is intended for the sole purpose of sharing how I have overcome the trials in my life (past) and I’ll probably post some on what I’m going through now as there seems to always be some kind of larger-than-life activity going on with me from day to day. Haha, man I wish it wasn’t so as I’ve managed to chase off relationships in the hoards and my friends are definitely the strong and open-hearted individuals who know me for who I truly am and know that I don’t seek the drama that has befallen me in my life. Am I a victim? Some could use that term, but I don’t see it that way. I would say I’m a survivor. One who sees things positively even though I’ve been challenged more in life than a typical 35 year old woman.

Can’t wait to hear your stories and dialogue with you, my readers, as well!

May you climb with ease, all of the mountains that God has set before you! Enjoy the rain on the way up and admire the view before you come down!


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