Down the Path (from early 2013)

I found this today…something that I wrote to someone dear to me in early 2013, and thought I would share. It was written out of sadness and love that I had realized was lost, and about my pride and the many negatives of my personality. I was rock climbing during this time and saw the mistakes I had made. Interestingly enough, I tied in (quite obviously) my Pisces “fish” personality. I actually really admire how this poem so accurately reflects so much about me. I hope you enjoy it-slightly different than how I write now. 🙂

I see you standing
For me to join you
I am strong
And hold my chin high
So I don’t break
Or show you the weakness
I hide
I love
And cry
A mix of emotions
Warring inside
I want to prove it
I want to fight
Or let go
But I can’t decide
Where to go.
You don’t catch me
Like a fish swimming free
Longing for you
I will elude your grasp
Until you know
You can’t have me
Or bear to lose me
Like a bird
I fly high
Searching for you
To call me
To your nest
I’ve spread my wings
And won’t land
Until I find
My heart again.
Like a butterfly,
I’ve transformed
To continue my short life
To show you beauty
A lasting impression
Before I disappear.
For I catch a glimpse
Of you
To be you
Thinking I am there
By your side
But I’m still watching
Here down this path
Through fog and rain
Landslides of pain
Keeping apart
You and I
No compromise
Both stubbornly walking
In dreams
Sovereignly sleeping
Our own desires to be
Our destiny
And maybe
Paths cross
Maybe not
Where do I give
Where do I stand strong
In what
I believe
Who I am
What I feel
What I know
To remain
An elusive fish
A free flying bird
A beautifully tragic butterfly
That will disappear
In her own way
As she waits
And watches
Down the path.